X50® Antiaging

X50® Antiaging is a peptide-based complex ingredient with a dual-layer capsule called X50 which anchors peptides on its surface turning itself into an intelligent targeting device (ITD) able to target cells and release its antiaging load to their core.

X50® Antiaging hae has been designed to fight aging and, through the integration of technologies, to drive the active ingredient straight away to the target cell. ITD technology is a result of the evolution of delivery systems, provided that it enables the precise selection of the target cell and the release of the active ingredient into the cell.

X50 capsule integrates ITD technology by linking a palmitoyl heptapeptide (Heptapeptide-15 palmitate - a targeting key peptide) to the outer PVA shell of the capsule. This peptide has an affinity to the fibroblast FGF receptor that, selectively, drives the capsule to the target cell which activates its own internalization by endocytosis and finally releases the encapsulated material into the fibroblast’s cytosol.

The encapsulated lipopeptide (Copper heptapeptide-14 pantothenate) is released into the cytosol. It increases the production of RNAmessenger, which codifies the synthesis of EMC components. It stimulates and induces, intracellularly, the production of extracellular matrix proteins (elastin, proteoglycans, laminin, fibronectin, and collagens) in the fibroblasts.