Snow Mushroom Extract


A rich source of polysaccharides, Snow Mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) binds moisture to the skin’s surface for a smoother, softer feel, while combating free radicals, diminishing age spots, and naturally brightening the skin.

Moisture binding mechanism is similar to natural. The polysaccharide chain consists of sugar monomers (mannose, xylose, fucose, glucuronic acid, glucose, and galactose) which attract water molecules acting like basic hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix. Prolonged hydration provides volume, smoots fine lines and wrinkles, and refines texture.

Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides protect fibroblasts from oxidative stress thus preventing aging and preserving elasticity and smooth surface. This plant-derived carbohydrate is an excellent prebiotic nourishing and balancing skin's microbiota.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

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