Novemer® EC-1 Polymer

Novemer® EC-1 Polymer is a pre-neutralized, crosslinked anionic polymer dispersed in oil (liquid paraffin). It's a multifunctional polymer prepared to thicken, suspend, stabilize, emulsify and enhance the skin feel of the final product. In addition, it offers an easy-to-formulate method for skincare applications in cold temperatures.

This liquid polymer can modify the rheology properties of the formula in a wide range, from creams, gels, and lotions to sprayable products. Thanks to powerful emulsion stabilizing property Novemer® EC-1 Polymer enables high levels of electrolytes and inorganic compounds in complex formulas, including pigments and reflectors like zinc oxide. It's effective even in low concentrations providing oil-in-water emulsions for a wide range of oils. It also enhances sensory properties, providing a pleasant skin feel.

Emulsion stabilizer

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