Gluadin® Soy

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Gluadin® Soy is a soya protein hydrolyzate (sophisticated product - peptides and shorter proteins obtained by hydrolyzation of natural soy proteins). Skin and hair, the favored focus of all cosmetic applications, are mainly composed of proteins. It, therefore, makes sense to use similar structures in skin and hair care preparations.

Protein hydrolyzates' numerous critical characteristics are their substantivity to the skin and hair and a protein protective layer formation, protecting from damaging environmental factors. Shampoos and conditioners with hydrolyzed soy proteins exhibit a considerable hair strengthening effect. It improves the mechanical properties of hair, reducing breakage rate, fracture sites, and cracks. Gluadin® Soy also improves hair banding stability, volume and eases styling.

Outstanding mildness, effective conditioning properties combined with excellent dermatological compatibility – Gluadin® Soy matches the highest demands for high-end hair-care formulations aiming for healthy, silky-soft, and supple hair.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (Enzymatic; 2000 Mw)

Ingredient products

MBR® Medical Beauty Research

<h2>Gluadin® Soy effects in details</h2>

<h3>Hair strengthening and protection</h3>

<p>The protection effect on hair, against harmful environmental substances or aggressive treatments such as permanent waves, can be demonstrated, e.g., by breaking strength measurements. For example, adding protein hydrolyzates to a shampoo formulation applied between perms results in a significant hair strengthening effect.</p>

<h3>Less hair damage during stressful hair treatments</h3>

<p>Permanent wave treatments, as mentioned above, damage the hair structure and can even dissolve essential constituents of the hair fiber, such as proteins and lipids. As a consequence, hair loses its mechanical stability. By determining the alkali solubility, the degree of hair damage and the influence of ingredients can be determined gravimetrically.</p>

<p>Hydrolyzed soy protein has displayed a significant protective effect on hair strands, reducing hair damage by up to 40%.</p>

<h3>Support of permanent wave efficacy</h3>

<p>If protein hydrolyzates – such as Gluadin® AGP, Soy, or WLM – are added directly to permanent wave solutions, hair damage and particularly hair breakage can be noticeably reduced – up to 80%. The hair can be combed very easily, and a pleasant hair feel is achieved. Moreover, the protein hydrolyzates do not impair the waving efficacy.</p>

<h3>Strength & Energy: Intelligent hair repair and vitality</h3>

<p>It is possible to trace the remarkable path of protein hydrolyzates into the hair by fluorescence microscopy. They cover each sensitive hair fiber as a protective protein film and thus revitalize its natural protective layer, the cuticle. Interestingly, this significant absorption behavior is that the intelligent protein bioactive seems to recognize especially vulnerable hair spots and concentrate preferentially at these cuticle cell edges, hair tips, and any fracture sites or cracks.</p>

<p>In addition to this intelligent repair effect, the energizing soy protein hydrolyzate Gluadin® Soy, in particular, can penetrate as far as the outer cortex zone and develop restructuring and strengthening effects from the inside.</p>

<h3>Hair volume and styling</h3>

<p>Another efficacy proof for the “Strength & Energy” concept is provided by an investigation of the bending strength of hair strands. After only one treatment with either Gluadin® AGP or Gluadin® Soy significant increase in the bending stability of 40-50% was detected. Bending strength is one of the factors that has a considerable influence on hair volume. As a result, it can be stated that Gluadin® hydrolyzates improve hair volume and hair body and support styling performance.</p>

<h3>Softness and suppleness</h3>

<p>The effects on the haptic perceptional experiences, softness, and suppleness were demonstrated in sensory assessments.</p>


What are the benefits of Gluadin® Soy?

Fluorescence microscopy scans revealed that hydrolyzed soy protein leaves several beneficial effects on hair, including:

  • Formation of a protective shield
  • Hair repair, preferably at cuticle edges, fracture sites
  • Restructuring of the cuticle
  • Penetration as far as the outer cortex