Ascorbyl Lactoside

Skin whitening agent
Hair bleaching

Ascorbyl Lactoside is a Vitamin C derivative with adequate stability, safety, and whitening performance. Structurally, it is close to Ascorbyl Glucoside and suitable for skincare applications. It is known under the trade name Everwhite™ VCL.

Compared with classic vitamin C derivatives used in skincare products, Ascorbyl Lactoside is more stable, tolerant to high temperatures and metal ions in formula, and active in a wide pH range. It is a potent antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and premature aging.

Incorporated in personal care applications, Ascorbyl Lactoside is more stable than other Ascorbic acid derivatives such as Ascorbyl glucoside and has a prominent skin whitening effect. In addition, compared with standard skin whitening agents, like arbutin and kojic acid, it possesses equal or even better performance while having no adverse impact and irritation potential of classic ingredients. 

It quickly penetrates more profound layers of the skin, nourishes and protects dermal cells, and improves collagen production. Ascorbyl Lactoside is widely used in skin-lightening, anti-aging, and sunscreen products in the 0.2% - 5.0% concentration range, depending on the type of application.
Everwhite™ VCL