LPD Eyelasher

Eyelash care

LPD Eyelasher is a botanical complex that entraps two active ingredients with complementary and synergistic activity. Two marine extracts, (brown algae) Laminaria Digitata and Caniculata Pelvetia, are encapsulated into tiny liposomal vesicles with sizes below 250nm.

Laminaria Digitata is known for its excellent stimulant and sebum regulator properties. Pelvetia Caniculataconfers is also endowed with stimulant properties. The combination of the algae and their unique properties offers a safe and effective treatment for fine, thin, hard-to-grow lashes.

Both extracts used in LPD Eyelasher are rich in fucoidans, a polysaccharide group discovered in 1913. For many years, fucoidans were considered only a source of L-fucose, commonly known as a simple sugar.

Recent studies, however, have shown that they can stimulate the movement of stem cells in the pilose follicle, thereby stimulating hair growth. In comparative clinical studies (against a well-known market reference), LPD Eyelasher provided a higher growth rate, 17% more than the market reference.