NatureCells Anti Stretch Marks

Anti Stretch Marks

Stem cells regenerate slowly, and skin health decreases over time, inducing the typical signs of aging. Plant stem cells have proven effective in regenerating skin cells. They have been shown to help protect skin from premature aging, allowing the skin to develop and enhance its complete functionality.

NatureCells Anti Stretch Marks is a liposomal botanical complex that has been shown to stimulate the proliferation of stem cells, rejuvenating the skin and enhancing its natural turnover more consistently. Plant stem cells are safe and toxin-free, as they are processed in a controlled environment under sterile conditions to keep their natural physiological, biochemical, and genetic properties in their highest expression.

NatureCells Anti Stretch Marks contains various active ingredients found in Centella Asiatica, which have exhibited positive toning and firming effects on the skin. The most prolific actives in Centella Asiatica produce asiatic acid, also known as madecassic acid, a powerful ingredient with collagen-enhancing and firming properties. With their anti-inflammatory and collagen-boosting properties and ability to increase blood flow in capillaries, the derivatives of Centella Asiatica can help diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Studies have shown that Asiatic acid and asiacosoids can induce collagen synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts. This can help reduce cellulite, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and other skin imperfections. NatureCells Anti Stretch Marks entraps these extracts and encompasses them in a liposomal complex to offer excellent skin-firming and anti-stretch mark properties for topical anti-cellulite creams and lotions.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Centella Asiatica Meristem Cell Culture Extract
Gotu Kola Stem Cells Extract