Biovert™ is an enzyme-based complex ingredient that mimics a natural antimicrobial defense mechanism of mammalian secretions which happens in tears, saliva, and milk.

The Biovert mode of action can be simplified as follows: The system generates a steady supply of H2O2 from molecular oxygen and water, this process is driven by an enzyme (glucose oxidase) and its natural substrate (glucose). Once generated, H2O2 rapidly binds to a second enzyme (lactoperoxidase) forming a complex that has an affinity for surfaces- in particular microbial cell walls. The anions of two simple, naturally occurring salts (I- and SCN-) are used as carriers by this remarkable enzyme to channel oxidizing potential into microbial cells.

The entire process is extremely rapid and cell death can occur within minutes. In a closed system, such as a finished product package, oxygen levels become depleted; this helps to protect sensitive ingredients from damage due to uncontrolled oxidative processes. The reduced oxygen levels within the package prevent the Biovert system from turning over unnecessarily when least required. Of course, when the package is opened, oxygen floods in, and the system's antimicrobial capability is fully re-activated just when it is most needed! Biovert is being used safely and effectively in a wide range of commercial products. It has been fine-tuned to work unnoticed within your product in a natural yet powerful way.

Biovert relies on five components working together to "pump" oxygen in a targeted way from the air into microorganisms. Individually, each component part does not possess any antimicrobial or antioxidant activity. Biovert on its own is capable of maintaining product integrity for over two years in many product types, satisfying standard criteria such as BP, US, and EP challenge tests.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Glucose Oxidase
CAS Number(s)
EINECS number(s)

What are the benefits and advantages of Biovert?

Biovert provides total product protection:

  • Delivering highly effective antibacterial action
  • Contributing to effective fungal control
  • Reducing the risk of oxidative degradation


In reproducing a natural process, the components of the system are incorporated at low levels that present a negligible hazard from prolonged dermal contact. The system has undergone a suite of human patch tests and in vitro evaluations. The conclusion from this work was that Biovert can be regarded as non-irritant and non-sensitizing at recommended use levels. Biovert has never been animal tested.


Fully compatible with anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants, protein additives, and most fragrances. High levels of cationic surfactants within a formulation can antagonize the system.