Polysorbate 40

Polysorbate 40 is a polyethoxylated sorbitan ester based on a palmitic acid (natural fatty acid) free of animal derivatives. It is an effective oil-in-water emulsifier with an HLB value of 15.6, especially in combination with sorbitan monostearate esters.

In addition, Polysorbate 40 is a mild but powerful multi-functional nonionic surfactant used in numerous creams, gels, and serums. Furthermore, it can be used as a solubilizer, dispersant, viscosity modifier, or wetting agent in cosmetics.

Thanks to excellent compatibility with other emulsifiers (anionic, cationic, etc. ) and almost all pHs (acid to alkali), Polysorbate 40 can act as a co-emulsifier, providing additional stability and a variety of consistencies.