APS 3D Hydra

APS 3D Hydra is a complex consisting of Polarsomes (liposomes), mainly natural phospholipid vesicles that encapsulate polarized water in their core. The specific configurations of the molecules give water unique physical-chemical properties.

APS 3D Hydra allows water molecule groups to aggregate in smaller clusters, containing more molecules per volume unit; therefore, the amount of encapsulated water is optimized. Polarsomes help to penetrate water through the skin, making APS 3D Hydra an isotonic beverage for the skin, offering the best hydration ever.

Degraded liposomes replenish the epidermis's lipid barrier and help reduce TEWL. The released water from the core is absorbed through the deepest layers of the skin and infiltrates into the dermal cells. Due to its minimal size, polarized water maximizes absorption through the cellular membranes.

In this way, complete hydration is achieved regularly in the three dimensions:
  1. The cell level: APS 3D Hydra increases water absorption through the cell membrane thanks to water polarization.
  2. The deep layers of the skin: It offers maximum penetration due to the range of the liposome penetration.
  3. The Stratum Corneum: The phospholipids from liposomes re-lipidize the skin.