Comfort Smoothness Reinforcement for thin and fragile skin.

Hyaluronic acid, often used in plastic surgery to fill in wrinkles or increase the volumes, is a fundamental constituent of the extracellular matrix of the dermis but also the active epidermal layers where associated with its receptor CD44, it creates a microsphere around the keratinocyte, serving as a molecular reservoir of water but also of other elements necessary for the cutaneous homeostasis.

Sederma has demonstrated that Subliskin™'s oligosaccharides have the property to increase hyaluronic acid and its receptor CD44 synthesis but also elastin and laminin-5 synthesis, hence the word "glycokines" (a natural sugar sequence mimicking structurally and functionally oligosaccharide sequence found in the skin).

Thin and fragile skin can affect young people not necessarily with deep wrinkles. Often their skin creases with the slightest expression leaving fine wrinkles and giving the skin a bumpy aspect. From the age of 30 years old, thin skin is sensitive to aggressions and exhibits dryness, fatigue, and lines. Subliskin™ helps counteract this phenomenon.

Subliskin™ improves significantly the barrier function and skin hydration. The skin visco-elasticity properties were assessed showing an increase in resistance, density, and firmness after 1 month. The wrinkles were erased by 46% in just one month. Oligosaccharides contained in Subliskin™ have beneficial properties thanks to their specific and unique structure. By bringing resilience and hydration, Subliskin™ constitutes the perfect ingredient to help thin, fragile and damaged skin support daily aggressions, beautifully.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose
Sinorhizobium Meliloti Ferment Filtrate