Actizyme® is a botanical enzyme and PHA-based complex ingredient for gentle exfoliation and skin whitening without adverse effects. Thanks to the keratolytic action of a duo of fungi-derived protease enzyme and phytic acid, it breaks bonds between keratinocytes, eliminating dead, dull, and old cells from the skin surface, refreshing, and brightening complexion. In addition, Actizyme® improves the cell renewal rate, without lipid barrier damage or irritation a common side effect of exfoliation.

The proteolytic enzyme in Mucor Miehei Extract acts similarly to Cathepsin D produced in the human body which breaks down proteins like keratin and exhibits maximal efficiency in lower pH (below 5.0) conditions. It provides sufficient enzymatic peeling without adverse effects, itching, or irritation while enhancing cell renewal rate by up to 19.4% after 3-4 weeks from treatment.

Active ingredients (or INCI)