Maris Aqua (Sea Water)

Maris Aqua is a highly purified seawater that contains, on average, 3.5% of minerals and trace elements, mainly table salt (Sodium Chloride). The boiled seawater has been used since ancient times to treat infected wounds, thanks to its draining, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties. It is a hypertonic solution which means that salt concentration is higher than in the blood (0.9%), providing an osmotic pressure gradient, fluid draining, and detoxification at the site of application. In addition, many microorganisms cannot grow in salty water, so it leaves an antiseptic effect.

Maris Aqua is used in many skin care applications for its several beneficial effects on the skin, including revitalization, rehydration, visible pore reduction, and mattification. In addition, it is helpful in preparations for atonic, mature, or wrinkled skin as well as feet soothing baths and treatment of aggressed, sore, or irritated skin.

Improving skin condition, seawater eliminates toxins and enhances epidermal cell renewal rate. Feuturemore, Maris Aqua leaves an antioxidant effect on the skin by reversing protein carbonylation lessening UV-induced or reactive radical damage. Cheap, natural, and effective ingredient that preserves skin's youth, vitality, and beauty.

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