Adhesion promoter

Bacteria, algae, and fungi have the ability to synthesize and secrete numerous extracellular polymeric substances (ECPS) into the environment, in response to environmental stress. Glycoproteins (GP) of ECPSs are obtained from some gram-negative bacteria, belonging to the Pseudoalteromonas species.

These substances are more functional because they have to defend themselves from the extreme conditions in which they live. GPs generate glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and polysaccharides that make up the skin's intercellular matrix, which keeps cells and their structures healthy, as it reduces water loss from the epidermis, increases water retention in the dermis, participates in cell migration, proliferation, and wound healing.

With aging, the skin loses its elasticity, firmness, thickness, volume, and hydration. These changes become visible in the most delicate area of the face, around the mouth, in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Seacode™ is an active ingredient that contains ECPSs obtained by marine biotechnology from Pseudoalteromonas bacteria, which inhabit extremely difficult environments such as Antarctica and rocky intertidal shores. Microorganisms develop bioactive compounds and special characteristics that offer multiple benefits once applied to the skin.

Seacode™ complex increases Type I Collagen and Glycosaminoglycans production improving skin elasticity, volume, hydration, and filling in perioral wrinkles, drastically reducing the “barcode” appearance. It improves dermal cell adhesion with structural proteins, providing resistance and support to the cellular matrix.