X50 Skin Barrier

X50 Skin Barrier is a peptide complex with a drone delivery system. The Skin Care Drone® for keratinocytes. The most important, primary role of our skin barrier function is to prevent fluid loss, to protect water-rich organs from the dry environment. The epidermis is in a constant state of self-replacement and with aging, typically undergoes a degenerative process in the protein turnover that contributes to a decline in its effectiveness to function as a barrier. X50 increases epidermal thickness and density wish create a stronger and better skin barrier function.

Skin-supporting peptides combine to create X50 Skin Barrier, a complex that targets keratinocytes to dramatically increase the thickness and density of the epidermal layer for skin that is plumped and firmed. The complex is designed to overcome the degeneration in protein turnover that occurs with aging, to keep skin’s natural protective barrier strong so that skin looks and behaves more youthfully. The cosmetic drone for keratinocytes.