Barrier enhancer
Film-forming agent

The stratum corneum is the selectively permeable outer layer of the epidermis, responsible for protecting the skin from dehydration and external changes and retaining water to maintain skin functions. The natural moisturizing factors (NMF), composed of amino acids such as serine, alanine, proline, glutamine, arginine, and histidine, are responsible for hydrating the stratum corneum, essential and directly correlated with the smooth texture of the skin.

The lack of NMFs causes barrier and protective function deficiency, irregular differentiation of keratinocytes, and consequently desquamation. The decrease in the water content of the stratum corneum is the first-factor causing dry skin.

Xpertmoist® is a molecular film containing a microdispersion system of heteropolysaccharides and specific active ingredients (NMFs) obtained by micro-fluidizing techniques with a high moisturizing effect for extra dry skin. Providing intensive daily care, it leaves the skin visibly soft, silky, protected, and with a pleasant sensation.

Molecular films are composed of a thin monolayer of functional films that contain active ingredients that can easily spread homogeneously on the epidermis, which will be efficiently absorbed by the stratum corneum. Molecular film technology allows for a greater area of contact with the skin, resulting in better spreadability of the product.

Thus, water loss is minimized due to the occlusive film formed and the active ingredients can penetrate the skin more efficiently, also due to greater contact with the stratum corneum. Xpertmoist® preserves and restores skin barrier function. Furthermore, microfluidized ingredients are lighter, smoother, and have a pleasant texture compared to non-microfluidized ones.