Dynalift™ forms an invisible film to smooth the features immediately and lastingly. The use of tightening products with an immediate effect is increasingly used in facial and body care since they procure an immediate sensation of efficacy generating "relay satisfaction" while awaiting the longer-term effect expected from the product. Not only used in products for women, with claims of smoothness and firmness but also in products for men, with anti-fatigue, freshness, and toning claims after stress, travel, and sleepless nights. Tightening products are also still widely used in make-up bases.

For that reason, Sederma has developed Dynalift™ a tightening active substance of vegetable origin, which forms a stretching film on the surface of the skin to provide an immediate and durable tightening effect.


A clinical study was carried out on a total of 23 panelists, a mean age of 50 years old, with an application of a serum containing 7% Dynalift™. After 5 minutes and 1 hour, the tightening and smoothing effects were confirmed by using various techniques of evaluation (Cutometer™, Aeroflexmeter®: a new device developed and patented by Sederma and self-evaluation).
Thanks to the tightening and film-forming effect of Dynalift™, it is possible to significantly smooth the micro- and macro-relief. Immediately after application and after an hour, the micro-depressionary network becomes less visible (5 min: -55%, 1h: -62%) and the wrinkles decrease by more than 23%.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate
Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice