Smooth and silky underarms and soft kissable face ... for longer

Men and women are sharing the desire to shave less often. To support them in achieving their goal, Sederma introduced Kelisoft™, a hair growth minimizer, efficient on both beards and underarms.

Kelisoft™ delays hair growth and lessens its diameter, decreasing visibility and shaving frequency. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Kelisoft™ also provides an immediate soothing sensation after hair removal. Kelisoft™ contains a highly purified botanical substance, that regulates the production of inflammatory mediators (PGE2, IL8, VEGF) known to stimulate hair growth and which are involved in the burning feeling after shaving.

Twice daily application of a roll-on containing 3% Kelisoft™ under the arms of 20 female volunteers for 2 months demonstrated that hair grows slower and finer, so women can skip a day between shaves. Additional tests carried out on the thick dark beard of male volunteers confirmed that once-daily application of a gel cream containing 4% Kelisoft™ for 2 months reduces the hair growth speed ("5 o'clock shadow" delayed by 3 hours) and provides a soothing sensation after shaving.

Kelisoft™ has been specifically developed for deodorant applications, 2 versions are available: a water-soluble one and Kelisoft™OS which is oil-soluble. Kelisoft™ is the right ingredient for formulations aimed at reducing the frequency of shaving while keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Active ingredients (or INCI)