CAS Number(s)

Renovage™ made to extend the skin's youth span and works on the origin of youth and targets the cell actors which guarantee lifespan and youth. The age that we attribute to a face is a global assessment unconsciously based on several visual signs that are additive. Usual anti-age skin care treatments which only fight wrinkles cannot restore a youthful appearance to the face. They do not treat loss of tone (sagging), age spots, redness, dry skin, dilated pores, and irregularities of the skin surface.

Indeed, all of these cutaneous dysfunctions are related to less efficient cell physiology. This leads to a tissue composed of “aging cells” entering the senescence phase more rapidly than necessary. It's due to a successive accumulation of DNA damages over time which is less effectively repaired and less well protected by their telomeres.

In order to treat these various skin-aging symptoms, Sederma launches Renovage™ a pluripotent active ingredient able to act as a cell facilitator and corrector. In vitro studies showed several properties of Renovage™ as cutaneous functional and structural recovery, and above all, it avoids premature entry into cell senescence.

Clinical trial

A clinical study showed that Renovage™, used at 3% on a panel of 24 volunteers with a mean age of 58±6 years, exerts a significant and visible activity on both functional and structural signs of aging. Skin functions are improved with an increase in hydration and a reinforcement of the barrier function. Pigmented spots were lessened by -56% after 6 months. Skin recovers its structure with +35% of firmness and +45% of tone in only 1 month, isotropy increased and roughness decreased. Lines, wrinkles, and erythrosis were also reduced.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

5,9,13,17-Nonadecatetraen-2-one 6,10, 14, 18-Tetramethyl