Saccharide Isomerate

Saccharide isomerate is a product of isomerization of plant-derived D-glucose that increases the water-binding capacity of the stratum corneum, adheres to the keratin of the horny layer, and reduces dryness and irritation caused by Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs).

Prolonged hydration

Thanks to the natural structure and composition, saccharide isomerate serves as a very effective moisture regulator providing prolonged water retention in the skin. It binds to the stratum corneum's keratin on free amino groups of lysine. This unique binding mechanism provides a special and natural affinity to the skin while improving barrier function and preventing washing out from the surface and long-lasting effects. Therefore, the saccharide isomerate remains in the epidermis until natural desquamation.

Hyaluronic acid production

Stimulating fibroblasts, Saccharide isomerate promotes the production of hyaluronic acid up to 66% supporting hydration and improving skin volume and density. Increased production of HA smooths fine lines and deep wrinkles, revealing a youthful, supple, and fresher appearance.


Saccharide isomerate exhibits an extraordinary and selective probiotic effect promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms like Paracoccus Marcusii, which produces Beta-carotene a superstar carotenoid with numerous positive functions for the skin. Furthermore, it suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria, changing microbiota equilibrium to a better state and exposing a healthy, naturally beautiful, and glowing appearance.

Comparison with other humectants

Comparative tests with classic moisturizer ingredients like glycerin and urea showed higher saccharide isomerate effectiveness. Moreover, it is very effective in preventing transdermal water loss in lower relative humidity conditions.


Prolonged moisture-binding and long-lasting hydration make this sugar complex an ideal ingredient for almost all skincare formulas, especially for cleansing applications and chemical peels. In addition, this "water-magnet" is a functional moisturizer that protects dry skin and prevents classical issues like roughness, unevenness, and itching.

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