A body without stretch, once and for all

Combination of active peptide-based ingredients encapsulated in a new delivery system (micellar system reconstituted liposome). It acts in the stretch marks already formed and the old ones while preventing the formation of new ones.

Mechanism of action

It restores skin integrity by targeting several mechanisms involved in forming stretch marks: it inhibits the degradation of the Extracellular Matrix, reduces tension in the skin, and promotes the regeneration of its components. Active ingredients of Vanistryl™ are encapsulated in mixed micelles that improve their penetration level.

Cosmetic Benefits

The skin recovers its elasticity (+44% in 2 months), visibly attenuating stretch marks. The body achieves smoother and even skin.


Vanistryl™ can be incorporated in many types of cosmetic preparations including emulsions, creams, gels, and milk aiming for stretch marks reduction. It is also recommended for preventive treatments.

What are the benefits of Vanistryl™?

The appearance of stretch marks is a common problem associated with continuous and progressive changes in tension in the skin. Its dimensions vary between 2 and 10mm wide and a few cm long and are characterized by linear and flat bands of atrophic skin, reddish at first and white in the last phase.

In the area of the stretch marks, there is a significant reduction in collagen and elastin and the dermal matrix appears looser and more flocculated. Vanistryl™ effectively targets multifactorial processes causing stretch marks appearance:

  • it inhibits the degradation of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) components,
  • reduces dermal tension,
  • thanks to its healing properties, helps to regenerate the skin, providing integrity and elasticity.