Peelmoist (Papain Enzyme Complex)

The exfoliation process helps to keep skin clean and healthy. It smoothes the skin by eliminating dead cells and regenerates the epidermis. In addition, exfoliation fortifies skin and protects it from external aggressions.  

In healthy skin, the turnover rate of the stratum corneum (SC) takes around 30 days. But, this process decreases with aging, and skin becomes rough and dry. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to eliminate old cells and stimulate new ones.

Dry skin and altered desquamation are connected, which means abnormal desquamation leads to a dehydration tendency of the SC, and skin dryness can alter the desquamation process. To avoid these problems, proper moisturization after exfoliation is recommended.
Peelmoist is a molecular film created to optimize papain delivery, a proteolytic enzyme that renews the old cells from the stratum corneum (SC). In addition, this complex contains ingredients from the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), which improve skin hydration and preserve the natural barrier function of the epidermis. Thus, Peelmoist combines exfoliation and moisturization, two main factors to keep skin healthy.

Peelmoist contains papain, an active enzyme to support and speed up the natural exfoliation process - enzymatic peeling. In addition, it includes elements of NMFs (magnesium, potassium) and amino acids (Serine, Alanine), which restore moisture content after peeling and maintain the natural barrier function of the epidermis through the generation of the NMF. Peelmoist has an immediate as well as a long-term hydrating effect.

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