Essential oils & fixed plant oils

Plant oils are aromatic substances extracted from flowers, plants, fruits, leaves, and roots. Plants with the content of ethereal oil fall us especially on through their smell. They consist of a large part of terpenoids (mono- and sesquiterpenoids). Pure essential oils have an immense effect on our mind, spirit, and body in their raw state. The particular medicinal oils used in the range are used for their various properties, such as cell rejuvenation and healing. The healing powers of the plants work to balance and work with the skin's composition while giving unique aromas.

The content of plants at ethereal oil is very dependent on growth place and harvest time. For the medical application, the local stimulating effect is used which works out for better blood circulation.

Plant oils are one of the vital elements of skin care products. Their moisture-retaining effect, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties turn them into all-inclusive ingredients of high-end skin care formulations.

Coconut tree
Coconut oil is mostly good for your skin care. It is able to provide antioxidants and moisturizers. This oil has an ability to minimize the signs of aging and help to protect your skin.

Copernicia Cerifera Cera is a natural wax derived from Carnauba's leaves and leaf buds.


Cottonseed Oil Glycereth-8 Esters is a naturally transesterified Cotton oil (Gossypium Sp.). This oil is transformed into a water-soluble ingredient by an exclusive transesterification process.

Damask rose - Rosa damascena
This adorable oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. Rosa damascena has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activities against many species of harmful bacteria. Like many other aromatic and medicinal flowers, it shows antioxidant properties.
Dwarf Bedder

Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil is the fixed oil obtained from the seeds of the Dwarf Bedder that acts as a UVB-induced inflammatory response moderator. It is also known under the trade name Crossential SA-14.

Elaeis Guineensis

Elaeis Guineensis Butter (Palm Butter) is a lipid-active ingredient with anti-aging and antioxidant properties extracted from the red-yellow mesocarp of the Elaeis Guinensis fruit. It contains 45/50% oil and has a consistency like soft butter at room temperature.

Elaeis guineensis fruits
Elaeis guineensis oil, also known as “golden palm oil,” is a slow-spreading emollient extracted from Elaeis Guineensis fruits originating in Africa and has a high content of tocopherols, tocotrienols, and carotenoids, all of which are beneficial for the skin.
Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus is known for its stimulating and antiseptic properties and is valued for its penetrating, camphor-like fragrance, similar to Vicks Vapor Rub, that opens up sinuses, fights colds, and is an expectorant and cough suppressant.
Eucalyptus Polybractea

Eucalyptus; is a genus of over 800 named species and subspecies, Australian Eucalyptus, derived from the Blue Mallee or Eucalyptus polybractea. Eucalyptus polybractea leaf oil is of special importance because it yields consistently between 85 - 88% pure cineole and at times as much as 90%.

Oenothera biennis - Evening Primrose
Oenothera biennis oil obtained from the seeds by cold expression or extraction. This valuable oil used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis. Evening Primrose oil also is used for several women's conditions, such as mastalgia (pain in the breast), menopausal and postmenstrual syndromes, Raynaud’s phenomenon of the nipple in nursing mothers, and etc.
Ginger roots

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) is a perennial plant with an aromatic, knotty rootstock. It is cultivated in Jamaica, India, and African countries. Zingiber Officinale essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of dried roots.

Organic skincare products containing grapeseed oil and grapeseed extract contain a very high level of antioxidants vitamin E and resveratrol.
The fresh scent immediately provides an intense feeling of happiness. Fresh, lively, fruity scent. Its androgynous fragrance delights women and men alike. Grapefruit oil is valued for promoting circulation, for its purifying effect, and for metabolic stimulation.
Corylus Avellana
The nuts are used in the food industry in either seed or flour form, while other parts (the bark and leaves) are used in traditional medicine.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a white to off-white waxy solid obtained by the controlled hydrogenation of high-purity castor oil.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is a standard lauric hard butter derived from palm kernel oil that is hydrogenated, refined, and deodorized.


Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters are

Jojoba's wax esters cannot bond with other atoms or molecules, nor does it readily bond with oxygen - giving it an extensive shelf. As a result, skincare products with Jojoja will last longer and contribute to the skin's natural balance and youthfulness.
Buxus Chinensis
Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of an evergreen bush growing in the American Sonora desert. It improves skin elasticity, has a relaxing, protective, and moisturizing effect, and makes skin feel silky-soft.
Simmondsia Chinensis

Jojoba Oil Glycereth-8 Esters is a naturally transesterified Jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis). This oil transforms into a water-soluble ingredient thanks to an exclusive transesterification process.


Walnut oil or Juglans Regia seed oil is obtained by cold-pressing the fruits (nuts) of the walnut tree (cold-pressed walnut oil). Usually, Juglans Regia oil obtained in this way is then refined.

Colombian Amazon tree called Cacay
Extracted for the Cacay Nut, Kahai Oil is both highly regenerative and powerfully antioxidant. A rich source of linoleic acid, Vitamin E and Retinol.
kukui tree

Kukui Oil is produced mainly in Hawaii and Tahiti and comes from the nut of the kukui tree Aleurites Moluccana). Rich in essential fatty acids Aleurites Moluccana seed oil is useful for skin-softening preparations.

Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavandula Augustifolia is a member of the Lavender family originating from Bulgaria, sometimes it called Bulgarian Lavender. Lavandula Angustifolia Oil is steam distilled from the leaves and has a clean, fresh scent.

The aroma of Lavender oil predominantly has a calming effect on the nerves as well as a relaxing effect and is even used as a remedy. In addition, the aroma of lavender has an anti-spasmodic, mood-enhancing effect and is prescribed in the context of aromatherapy for stress, migraines, and sleep disorders.
Citrus Medica Limonum

Lemon trees are small, straggling trees about 11 feet high, irregularly branched, the bark varying in color from clear gray on the trunk, green o­n the younger branches to a purplish color o­n the twigs. The evergreen leaves are ovate-oval.


Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) oil has a stimulating yet earthy lemon scent. Lemongrass is a fast-growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass up to 5ft (1.5m) high, producing a network of roots.


Levisticum officinale, also called Loveage, is native to Persia. It has been cultivated since the age of Pliny the Elder and is recognized for its medicinal benefits.

Lime tree

Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia) oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel or steam distilled from the whole fruit.

Litsea Cubeba

Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) is a small evergreen tropical tree, with fragrant lemony scented leaves and flowers, and small pepper-shaped fruit. The roots and stems have been used for centuries by the Chinese to treat indigestion, lower back pains, chills, headaches, and travel sickness.