In order to respond to the new cultural paradigms which associate modernness, performance, and seduction with a firm, slim and glabrous body, cosmetology needs to offer technologically high-performance solutions: the reduction in hairiness is one of the expectations of the new generations who desire a defect-free, beautiful and smooth body.

75% of women shave their legs. Men are becoming more concerned about their hairiness: sportsmen shave or depilate themselves regularly.

Depiline™, is a botanical complex ingredient based on natural plant-derived palmatine that moderates body hair growth. Its mode of action makes it a valuable active substance with respect to slowing the mitosis rate of the keratinocytes of
the hair bulb, the rapidly proliferating cells which give rise to hair growth.

After a 2-month treatment on 25 female panelists, Depiline™ exhibited a reduction of hairiness of up to 48% and diminished the appearance of unwanted hair. 72% of the panelists have seen a decrease in hair regrowth speed and hair density on their legs.