InvisaSkin®-64 Anti-Acne Treatment


InvisaSkin®-64 Anti-Acne Treatment is a peptide-based complex a unique combination of hydrating delivery vehicle, anti-microbial peptide, and salicylic acid offers a gentle approach to treating the symptoms of acne.

It is estimated that 80-90% of all adolescents will have acne at some point in their lives, and in some cases, the acne will continue into adulthood.

InvisaSkin®-64 is a non-drying, synergistic complex of a designer anti-microbial peptide from plant amino acids, salicylic acid (Sal-Acid), and rice-bran botanicals for anti-acne applications. This is achieved by three means:

  1. Oligopeptide-10 is highly synergistic with salicylic acid, therefore allowing it to be effectively formulated near 0.5% level, the lowest permissible use level as defined in CFR Vol 56, No. 159  §333.310c for acne treatments. In comparison, many anti-acne products are formulated near the maximum approved 2% Sal-Acid level, which is known to be more irritating. Also, benzoyl peroxide and other harsh oxidants are avoided.
  2. InvisaSkin delivery technology is used to maximize efficacy and hydration. It is a non-comedogenic polymer that balances potential dryness from any other ingredient, serves to deliver the peptide over 24 hours and simply feels great!
  3. Rice Bran botanical extracts are included to soothe and smooth the skin.

It is a water-dispersible ingredient, mon-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. InvisaSkin®-64 Anti-Acne Treatment is used in wrinkle treatments, anti-aging, and face lift products in serum, gel cream, and lotion forms in 15% - 25% concentrations.

Targeted Effect and Delivery

Androgens are hormones that stimulate sebum production and are highest in teens. When the oil gland exit gets choked shut by heavy sebum flow, the bacteria multiply in their ideal environment: an oxygen-poor closed comedones (whitehead).

Bacterial digestion produces chemicals that may cause an inflammatory reaction and pustule eruption. Other times, the gland opening stays open but the oil is so thick that it doesn't flow out. Oxygen in the air then changes its color to black, forming an open comedome (blackhead).

Salicylic Acid is comedolytic: it opens up the infected pores to drain, allows oxygen in, and enables free access to Oligopeptide-10 for maximum bacteriostatic effect. The antimicrobial peptide has broad spectrum activity against many types of organisms.

InvisaSkin hydrates up to 3x more water in the skin and holds up to 20x its weight in water.  The days of a drying anti-acne product are over.  Just use InvisaSkin-64 and avoid moisture-sapping peroxides.

Rice Bran extracts are known to be soothing and softening to the skin.  Why not treat inflamed and infected skin with something soothing?

Synergy Between Salicylate and Anti-microbial Peptide

Salicylic Acid and Sodium Salicylate are not anti-microbial ingredients per se.  However, a study of Sodium Salicylate added to Oligopeptide-10 solutions found the salicylate was instrumental in synergistically lowering the minimum inhibitory concentration requirement for the peptide.

In other words, 0.5% salicylate is all that is required to meet the FDA guidelines and still cause an 8X decrease in the amount of peptide required to kill over 50% of the bacteria.  This study exhibits the efficacy and value possible in using salicylates with a peptide level of >2 ug/ml.